06 July 2016 ~ 0 Comments

Loud and Clear

Some people and brands (and politicians) are quite loud, but their message isn’t communicated with clarity.

Some concepts are crystal clear, but require amplification in order to be heard by the people who would be most interested in obtaining additional information about the subject.

Loud isn’t necessarily bad, but neither is it better.

A firetruck has a message that can be understood loud and clearVolume without audience comprehension is just random noise.

A baby crying tells you something is urgent. But, you really don’t know if it’s hungry, hurt, or needs to be changed until you take the time to investigate further and figure it out for yourself.

A horn blaring in traffic could be someone sounding an alert or it could just be an impatient jerk. Whereas a siren in the same environment denotes a clear message (emergency!) and a desired action (pull to the side of the road).

Value is more important than volume, but if I can’t hear you I don’t know you have something I want.

However, shouting your message louder (even if I understand it) doesn’t make what you have to offer any more attractive. You are actually likely to have the opposite impact on any audience members who might be on-the-fence or have a future need for what you sell.

The trick is to not just get these two components mixed in the correct ratios — but to remember there is a third: Value. And ultimately you’re not the one who gets to decide that third component.

This is why it’s so important to get the message clear and volume set at the right level, so you can be heard and comprehended by the people in the audience who will perceive your offer to be of value.

…whether it is shouted (or whispered.)