Disclosures and Disclaimers

Disclosures and Relationships

  • I provide custom brainstorming and idea-generation services for a nominal fee.
  • I get paid to present original seminars and workshops on a variety of topics.
  • I have earned the designation of Gitomer Certified Speaker and a member of the Gitomer Certified Advisor program. I generate revenue presenting the content of best-selling author and sales trainer, Jeffrey Gitomer.
  • I am a user/subscriber and affiliate of AceOfSales.com (use promo code IDEAGUY30 for a free trial) or visit www.GetAceOfSales.com.
    • Although I like the branding of Ace of Sales best, in 2016 the company underwent an identity change and now does business as OutStand. I’m still a fan and affiliate and all codes and links should still apply, but you may want to use GetOutStand.com just to be certain.
  • I many friends who are professional speakers, authors, and performers. I am honored by their association and brag on them constantly. I link to their projects and web pages because I’m a fan and hope my readers will become fans, too.
  • I am the author of “100-Whats of Creativity.”
  • I own BigYellowSticky.com which sells affiliate products and sometimes accepts paid content.
  • I own FiveBuckBrainstorms.com and sell packaged sets of idea on individual topics through that site.
  • I own TheBigLink.com which sometimes accepts paid posts and native advertising.
  • I co-authored the original version of the book “Boring Meetings Suck” with Jon Petz.
  • I frequently use my Amazon affiliate ID when linking to books.
  • I am a contributing columnist to RBR.com and other site and publications devoted to media industry insights.
  • I sell imprinted promotional products/advertising specialties via SalesToys.com.
  • I am a domain name and hosting reseller and affiliate via SalesToys.com, GoDaddy.com, and other affiliate programs.
  • Publishers, PR firms, and individual authors often send me books with requests for a review on my blog, Amazon.com, and social media promotion. I don’t always provide reviews (especially if it would have been negative), but when I do post a review you can count on me providing my true feelings about the book whether I bought it myself or received it for free.
  • One of my best friends runs remergemarketing.com and takeandbakemarketing.com, and I am an unofficial consultant to the company and contribute content and ideas for their business, as well as being a client for design and production services.
  • I am a member of affiliate programs via LinkShare, VistaPrint, ShareASale, Amazon (along with several others) and sometimes incorporate affiliate links into blog posts. I strive to include a notation if I use an affiliate link, but sometimes fail to do so.
  • I respect the vision and wisdom of Chris Brogan, and I purchase and promote his products and services (sometimes by using an affiliate code.)
  • The DTIG website is hosted by GoDaddy.com and I use them for all my domain registrar services. I sometimes recommend them using an affiliate code.
  • I use a paid vCita account to manage appointment scheduling, invoicing, and other business functions. You can signup for a free account here (affiliate link).
  • Most of my other sites are hosted by 3iX Hosting and I recommend them using an affiliate code.
    I have stopped using and recommending 3iX Hosting. I don’t know what happened to these guys, whether they got bought by another company or simply stopped caring — but they went from a fantastic and reliable and responsive resource to be a despised company that I can’t disconnect and disassociate from fast enough. Avoid them!
  • I use MailChimp as my primary email newsletter service, but experiment with others from time-to-time. I’m really liking the potential of Volleyy these days!
  • I am a member of BzzAgent.com and sometimes participate in word-of-mouth marketing campaigns. I always disclose when my content is posted in connection with one of their campaigns.
  • I am an unabashed fan-boy of Jeffrey Gitomer and sometimes create unofficial sites devoted to promoting the content he creates, as well as recommending his events and services — like the Gitomer Learning Academy and Gitomer VT (use my Gitomer Certified Advisor code 1006 to receive a discount on your membership).
  • I’m an admirer of Jason Zook since his I Wear Your Shirt days and have became an “owner” in his Buy My Future project during its first year of existence. I also signed-on as a promotional affiliate partner during year two and receive a monetary reward if new owner/members invested by way of my affiliate link. However, like most of my favorite stuff — I’d be sharing links to his creative products and services anyway.
  • I was an interviewed guest and an affiliate of Beck Power‘s Idea Summit.
  • If you suck at what you do and manage to make me unhappy, you may become an object lesson in the power of social media and the reach of the web.
  • DripJoy Coffee sponsors my podcast “Running Through My Mind and provided me with free coffee in exchange for honest reviews and promotional mentions of their product.
  • I use a pretty simple Privacy Policy. I promise not to share your personal information with anybody else. Period.


Updated: October 17, 2016