21 December 2016 ~ 4 Comments

Gains and Losses


There is no denying that 2016 was a big year for losing some big names to the great beyond. We lost a Thin White Duke and a Prince. A man who floated like butterfly, a man who floated among the stars, and a woman who played soulmate to a super-powered “strange visitor from another planet”. We […]

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15 September 2016 ~ 2 Comments

Podcasts Running Through My Mind

Running Through My Mind Podcast

I decided to jump in and launch a podcast this week. Over the last 6-12 months I’d been trying to recruit a few business associates, past project partners, even my spouse to commit to creating and co-hosting an ongoing podcast program, but I couldn’t get any takers. They were all interested, but no one seemed to want […]

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10 May 2016 ~ 0 Comments

Seth Godin Thinks Your Idea Will Probably Fail


I was binge-listening to Jason (I wear Your Shirt) Zook’s new Action Army podcast and toward the end of episode 8 (I’d give you the exact timestamp, but then you might jump right to it rather than listening to the entire episode like you should) Jason mentions writing Seth Godin and sharing the idea for his “I Wear Your […]

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20 August 2015 ~ 0 Comments

Are You Doing Stuff or Doing Shit?


Just this week I discovered the Do Sh!t Podcast hosted by Amanda Mock* and Natalie Jean Miller and I’ve been consuming episodes at a rate of two per day. I first became aware of Natalie Jean during a month long experiment last August to create a video every singe day during the month of August in […]

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04 February 2014 ~ 0 Comments

Scribbling on napkins

I am a very big fan of scribbling ideas and jotting notes and scrawling diagrams on napkins. Putting the tip of a rollerball pen to a napkin just seems to foster my creative spirit. The napkin is an informal method of sharing an idea or making plans. It usually means you’re in a casual location […]

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27 November 2013 ~ 1 Comment

Ketchup with The Hot Dog Extraordinaire!

I recently had a chance to “ketchup” with Mike Rudd — The Hot Dog Extraordinaire —  via Skype interview, and we spent about 30 minutes discussing Mike’s new book “When Can I Ketchup and Find My Hot Dog Stand” which is available on Amazon NOW, but you can get the Kindle version free if you […]

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04 June 2013 ~ 0 Comments

KickStart Your Week : Hilary Corna

Hilary is the Author of the book One White Face which tells her story of leaving the first love of her life for a dream job out of college with Toyota in Singapore and throughout Asia. Since it’s release in 2011, the book has been featured in The New York Times, ForbesWoman, NBC, and is now […]

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22 April 2013 ~ 0 Comments

KickStart Your Week : Laurie Brown

This week Tomas Lydahl and I had a great experience interviewing fellow Gitomer Certified Speaker Laurie Brown. Laurie is the owner of The Difference, a Customer Service and Presentation Skills training company. Laurie has over twenty-five years experience as a speaker and trainer. A key asset that Laurie brings to her work is her range […]

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01 April 2013 ~ 2 Comments

KickStart Your Week : Jay Kemp

This week my co-host Tomas Lydahl and I had the pleasure of sitting down with Jay Kemp, Chief of Partnerships for Sydney Australia-based O2 Speakers Management.  Tomas and I both had the opportunity to work with Jay while he was part of the Gitomer Certified Speakers team, and it was a blast to catch up with him in […]

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25 March 2013 ~ 0 Comments

KickStart Your Week : Sam Wilder

Tomas Lydahl and I sit down with this week’s guest Sam Wilder for lessons on putting a positive attitude into action. Sam began his career as a radio personality. After ten years of radio poverty he entered the world of direct mail sales and worked his way into ownership of direct mail coupon business. Bored with […]

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