05 July 2016 ~ 0 Comments

Independence Days

sparkler150x01_pexelsYesterday everyone got together to grill meat, drink beer, and launch glittery explosives into the sky; all in the name of Independence Day. But the real fireworks come EVERY day when you take advantage of your freedom to think independent thoughts and take independent actions.

It’s be scary to be out there all alone.
There is comfort in being part of a large group.
The problem comes when you sacrifice your own original thoughts and ideas solely to fit safely within a large group.

Rather than relinquish an idea you feel strongly about as membership dues for admittance to a larger, stronger, louder assemblage, why not attract others who share original thoughts and ideas (similar to yours or not) and band together in order to create a safe haven for individual thinkers and doers.

Before you know it, your collective of creative independent thinkers may outnumber the masses who’ve given up their individuality in exchange for a mundane marching orders and a membership card.

A consortium made up of many minds is much more exciting to be a member of than a homogeneous mass.