14 July 2016 ~ 0 Comments

Turn Creative Blocks into Building Blocks

building blocksTake your writer’s block, creative blocks, mental blocks, and stumbling blocks and use all those blocks to build the walls of an imaginary house of refuge in your mind.

Take all your can’ts and shouldn’ts and not-alloweds, and better-ask-permissions and mix them together into a paste to use as mortar between those blocks in order to build the inner walls of your house tall and strong. Construct and inner sanctum to which only you have access.

Cover the walls of your secret room with posters and prints from your favorite artists. Embed a stereo system with a music collection from the most inspirational composers and singers and musicians. Fill the endless shelves of your room with book titles from the worlds greatest thinkers and wildest dreamers.

The next time you’re feeling blocked, take those bricks and lay a path to this palace. Use the remaining few blocks to create the stairs leading to the door and let yourself in.

Your stumbling blocks will no longer be something that keeps creativity out, but the very things that allow you to surround yourself with imaginative fuel for your creativity.

You won’t worry about creative blocks as barriers and hurdles, you will now welcome them as building blocks and stepping stones.



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