16 February 2018 ~ Comments Off on Birth of a VanBot

Birth of a VanBot

getyourvan.comSuper Action League member Lee Hills created this nifty “VanBot” to help people choose the best style camper van suited to their intended use (weekend warrior couples vs. off-the-grid camping family, etc.). Lee’s VanBot has humor, personality, and delivers real value for people researching camper vans.

Any auto dealership that sells vans could have built this tool (or had it built for them).

But they didn’t.
Auto dealerships are too busy running expensive and obnoxious television ads, burning marketing budgets by buying full-page ads in nearly-extinct print publications, and throwing money at PPC search and banner ads in hopes of out bidding their competitor for a shot at mouse-click with a tiny percentage of sales conversion.  
This fun and clever and helpful (and lead-generating!) chatbot tool was created for less than a fraction of the cost of producing one television spot or buying a single full-page ad in their local newspaper.

Lee just launched his VanBot 1.0 earlier today, and he’s already getting positive feedback from users who find it helpful. If I were a car dealership with vans to sell, I’d be contacting Lee NOW to bid on leads coming through his VanBot from people who are raising their hand and saying they are interested in taking a test drive. Same for insurance companies who cover vans, same for auto shops that do van conversions, same for the companies that sell the products which get installed into a camper van conversion (why say it has room for a “refrigerator” when you could say it fits a Kenmore mini-fridge? Or why say “camping stove” when you can say Coleman propane camping stove?).

There are sponsorship and product placement opportunities abound within the VanBot — and the companies to see the potential first are the ones who will walk away (drive away?) winners. You can contact Lee at http://www.leelaunches.com.

Want to take the VanBot for a test drive?
Visit http://www.getyourvan.com and take it for a spin!

Need help putting your ideas into action?

I mentioned at the top of the article that Lee is a member of the Super Action League. The League is a small group of motivated and creative people who understand that while their ideas have value, taking action on them is worth a fortune. Are you interested in joining the group and gaining momentum for your projects?

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