Super Action League

Welcome to The Super Action League!

This minimalist mastermind group is intended to help Entrepreneurs, Side Hustlers, Freelancers, Moonlighters, and Daylighters take the steps needed in order to bring their big ideas out of their heads and into the real world.

Small strategic actions can make all the difference between prolonging procrastination and producing profits. The goal of The Super Action League is to provide individual attention and group support for your projects and ideas. Don The Idea Guy invest the time to truly hear you explain your goals and ideas, while listening for the opportunities and applications you might be missing which can lead to more immediate implementation, concept validation, prospect identification, market activation — and revenue.

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Invest $125 per month to gain access to a private group where you can plot and plan with your peers, and have special access to the creative insights, resources, and experience of Don The Idea Guy. We’ll trade unlimited messages in a private Slack channel and meet a minimum of once-per-month for one-hour group video conferences using to share victories and brainstorm solutions to your current challenges — all in order to keep you motivated, accountable, and moving forward.

A few benefits of Action League membership:

  • Marketing strategy
  • Audience building advice
  • Identifying sales prospects and business opportunties
  • Exploring new revenue streams
  • Productivity accountability
  • Project partnership
  • Access to a “Utility Belt” of recommended products and services
  • Almost-instant feedback and answers to questions inside the Slack group

Interested one-to-one consulting in addition to the group sessions?
As an Super Action League member you are entitled to a significant 50% discount on individual one-hour brainstorm sessions to deep-dive into your projects as needed.

Once you enroll, you’ll receive a separate email with instructions for accessing the Action League assets, along with a link to a League intake form which gives you the opportunity to share information about your current mindset, challenges, and projects so that you can receive better defined guidance toward your goals. You will also be sent an exclusive link to schedule an initial one-to-one coaching start-up session with Don The Idea Guy so that together you can create an initial plan of action to hit the ground running and get the most value out of your league membership.

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Your credit card or PayPal account will be automatically be charged US$125.00 per month until you choose to cancel or the program ends. Become a member for a month or a lifetime. As along as you are an active member, your fee will never go up, but you are free to jump in or out of the program (at standard rates) as your needs change.


This is a monthly subscription agreement.
By clicking the button above and completing the sign-up/payment process you acknowledge, accept, and authorize an automatic charge each month being collected from this same form of payment. Memberships maybe canceled anytime in advance of the next subscription payment. Refunds are not provided on past or current months.