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Your Class Schedule

Simple question: How many business books and online courses did you invest in last year with the intent of learning something new or enhancing existing knowledge?

Tough question: How many of those books and courses did you complete?

Tougher question: How much of the new knowledge you gained did you actually put into action?

Toughest question: How many books and courses will you buy this year with the exact same outcome?

What is your plan this year to learn new things and then put those new things into action?

When you were in school you had a class schedule to which you had to adhere.
You had to be in a certain classroom at a certain time to be instructed on a certain subject. But once you graduated you were allowed to set you own class schedule. Unfortunately, most people took graduation to mean that school was out forever.

If you’re going to dedicate yourself to increasing your knowledge, you need to dedicate time on your schedule.

I recommend picking a specific day and time which you will devote to reading those books or taking those online courses and blocking it off on your calendar as a recurring appointment. Whether you use an online calendar like Google, a calendar app on your phone, or a physical day planner — mark that time as busy and add the specific details of how you’ll be investing that precious block of time.

You might choose to rise early one day a week and read a chapter of that awesome marketing book at your kitchen table over your first cup of coffee, or you might decide to eat lunch at your desk one day a week and watch video courses while you nom-nom a PB&J sandwich, or you might forgo Netflix one evening and use a device like Google Chrome Cast (or similar device) to stream your course videos from your laptop or mobile device to your television screen.

You now have a Class Schedule — an appointment to be a Student.

  • Stick to your schedule.
  • Don’t skip class.
  • Go for perfect attendance.
  • And if you have to miss a class, be sure to get a note from your mom.

While you move forward with completing your course and assigned reading materials, watch for my next article. I will be sharing some ideas with you about putting your new found knowledge into action.

Your Course Schedule

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