22 December 2014 ~ 0 Comments

Write A Book Before You Get Out Of Bed

Everybody has “that book”.
The one they are writing and can never quite get around to finishing and publishing.

Personally, I must have four or five.

The books aren’t completely abandoned, but they get “back-burnered” because of something else I “need” to work on.  After that, I end up opening the file every few days to tap away at it.

And then the file gets opened every few weeks.

And then every few months.

And then every few years.

And then you only remember it in conversations with other people who are talking about the new book they published, and you call the title up from the depths of your memory to reference in a “me too” kind of way.

My friend Whitney Bishop even gave me a pin I’m supposed to wear that says “Ask me about my book!” I think it’s supposed to help me “self-embarrass my way to self-publishing”.  I suppose I don’t feel the first-time-author internal publishing imperative prodding me along. I’ve already published a popular book on creativity and a creative guide for email marketing. I even helped another author bring his own idea for a book into reality by acting as a sort of “Jiminy Cricket” productivity-conscience and co-author.

A couple weeks ago I started writing a new book about the marketing strategy of sketch videos. I got off to a strong start with an initial 2,500 words or so, but I can already feel the momentum slowing.

In an effort to kick my own ass, I gave myself a unique challenge this morning:

Write and publish a book before you get out of bed.

Was it a 50,000 word novel?
Was it a 350-page business manual?

Heck no!
But it was an original idea creatively executed.
A unique collection of words (and pictures!) intended to deliver value to readers.

And I did it in less than 3-hours.



Would you like a free copy of this new book?

Yellow Sticky Guide_Gifts_coverI’m using GumRoad.com to distribute the PDF ebook.

GumRoad features a “Pay What You Like” option, but until the end of the year I have the minimum required amount set to $0.00 — so all you have to do click the “I want this” button and then type “0” (zero) into the price box on the new page that loads.

Enter your email address after the credit card boxes are wiped away and the download link will be delivered to your inbox shortly!

Drop me a line and let me know what you think of the book.

I’m considering writing a series these books, so let me know what you think of the concept (and if you have any topics you’d like to see covered using this method.)

Click here to get the book!