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New Year, Old Friends, New Projects

YSG-Done_cover01The new year always offers a first best chance to begin something brand new, or to simply begin anew.  With the coming of the new year also came two immediate new project launches from The Idea Guy.

The first was publishing a brand new book in a brand new format. The Yellow Sticky Guide to DONE is a collection of my own personal insights and practices to getting more of the most important things done using one of my favorite creativity and productivity tools (and one of my all-time favorite inventions) — the ubiquitous Yellow Sticky Note. It’s a 42-page guide to move your projects from “to-do” to “done”. Each page is hand-lettered and drawn by yours truly. It’s like we’re sitting across from each other in a coffeeshop and I’m sketching out ideas on napkins to share them with you. The YSG to Done book is a mere $5.99 but I’m going to tell you how to get it for free is just a minute.

It’s the first in a series (technically the second — I released a Yellow Sticky Guide to Gift Giving in December) of new books I plan to publish in 2015. There will be a total twelve ebooks published in this format (one per month!) this year!

BYS_didnt-doThe second project was the launch of a daily blog post initiative I’ve dubbed “Big Yellow Sticky“.  I’ve always been a fan and collector of the classic inspirational quotes, and I enjoy creating my own to humbly offer up to the world in an effort to inspire creativity and action. I’ve done some experimentation with a variety of formats for this in the past, but this year I decided to focus on crafting one new quote every single day and posting it online for all to see and (if so inclined) share. And because I’m also a fan of puns, I decided if I was going to create a quotable note and “post it”, I should go with the obvious choice for my canvas — a Post-It Note.  You can find my growing collection of daily (dare I call it) art at www.BigYellowSticky.com.

New Projects from Old Friends

Since January is also conducive to everyone and their brother releasing products on how to get things done, make resolutions, not-make resolutions, set goals, not-set goals, create S.M.A.R.T. goals, and S.M.A.R.T.E.R. goals how does the person who’s really interested in affecting positive changes in their life decide which book, course, guide, process, or product to invest in?

My personal practice and advice to others in selecting a dude to abide on any subject is to examine that “expert’s” success on the topic in question.

  • You want to be happier and more successful?
    Then find a person who always seems to be in a great mood, has plenty of loyal friends, a faithful and happy significant other, and who is respected and accomplished in their chosen field.
  • You want to be a better salesperson?
    Emulate the habits of someone who makes a great living by selling and delivering valued-service to others.
  • You want to be more organized and efficient?
    Then follow the path of someone who always has time to complete their projects ahead of deadline, never seems to burn any midnight oil, presents themselves and cool and confident, and leaves the office everyday with a clean desktop — but still has so much time for hobbies, travel, and adventure that it makes you jealous!

My friend Mike Rudd of Marketing Fun With Mike and author of “Hot Dogs, A Little Marketing, and A Lot of Fun” is one of these guys.

hotdog-all-the-fixinsMike is a leader and consistently a top sales performer (and earner!) in an industry notorious for being treated as a commodity (Media Advertising Sales) but he never seems stressed about meeting his sales goals. He appears to work whatever hours he wants, but no one is ever chasing him down to turn in contracts or ad copy and he still takes a lunch, finds time to squeeze in a trip to the gym, and then comes back to the office to tidy his desk before leaving on time!) for the day.  Seriously. I’ve never seen a desk as clean and organized as this guy’s!

After being relentlessly pursued by friends, coworkers and his boss with questions of “How do you do it??” Mike finally spent the time to write down the things he personally does — his entire process, practice, and actions — and create a simple to follow 25-step program to become more efficient.

Mike calls it The Efficiency Recipe because it’s designed to give you all the ingredients you need to become an “Efficiency Extraordinaire” and give you two extra hours per day.  The program is his personally recipe for success, but before releasing it to the public he took several people through the program to give it real-world trials and testing to get proof it would work for others. He has success stories on his website from the early adopters, and took their feedback to heart in order to improve the mix of ingredients in his recipes — and now it’s ready for you.

Mike has all sorts of bonuses included in the three different levels available for purchasing the Efficiency Recipe, but I wanted to add another — a free copy of the new book I mentioned above “The Yellow Sticky Guide to DONE.” If you invest in The Efficiency Recipe, Mike is going to give you a free download of my new book to help add a little more spice to your efforts.

Just tell him The Idea Guy sent ya!

Click here to learn more about The Efficiency Recipe.