12 September 2014 ~ 0 Comments

Relationships are inefficient


Relationships are incredibly inefficient. You have to identify a likely potential candidate, present yourself in a way that you hope they will find compelling and attractive, if they agree to the possibility of a relationship you have the whole let’s-hang-out-together-trial-runs, and if the other party finally decides that YES, you are the one for them — you have […]

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01 September 2014 ~ 0 Comments

The Idea After The Idea

I was recently reading an article warning start-up entrepreneurs against developing and pitching internet business ideas that investors had all seen before.  Counted among the walking dead of concepts were social and business networking sites, online dating sites, search engines, micro payment/loan/investment sites, and portal/single sign-on sites. The problem is, the author of this article is not […]

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03 July 2014 ~ 0 Comments

Blogging Down Barriers

I’m a big fan of blogging. I’ve been doing it since people still knew the word was an amalgam of “web log”. Blogger.com launched in 1999 and I think I used that as my own launching point for blogging (up until then I was posting static articles on websites and sharing ideas in online groups and bulletin […]

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24 February 2014 ~ 3 Comments

Let’s Not “Not Reinvent The Wheel”

Some people go out of their way to “not reinvent the wheel”. “Let’s not reinvent the wheel” is a pretty common phrase in meetings. It’s used as a statement of intent not to over invest in time, labor, money or creativity in order to get something done. But sometime’s it’s worthwhile to reinvent the wheel […]

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28 January 2014 ~ 0 Comments

Scumbag Twitter

Selling banner impressions has always been anathema to me. Banners are either boring or obnoxious, usually have unengaging messages, and link to worthless homepages rather than helpful landing pages. From an Advertising or Media company standpoint, banners are not wholly profitable because the CPM (cost per thousand) market price keeps falling, while their effectiveness as […]

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20 January 2014 ~ 0 Comments

Rack-Up Some Business Ideas

One of my personal creative strengths has always been the ability to generate ideas for a specific client and their specific industry. I’ve developed that ability by immersing myself in a client’s business. I subscribe to trade publications, join industry mailing lists, visit industry websites, and basically just soak up as much information as I […]

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19 January 2014 ~ 1 Comment

How to read your customer’s mind


Amazon says it can ship items before customers order. Is this some sort of mind reading trick? Hardly. They’ve just been paying attention to their customers. Want to read the minds of YOUR customers?  Here are a few tips to help you. 1. Wish List Amazon allows users to keep multiple list of things they […]

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11 January 2014 ~ 0 Comments

Quit watching the needle

I once considered myself a “Google Anal(ytics) Retentive”.  When Google Analytics first launched, they made it so simple and easy to install a few lines of code on your site in order to view “valuable” data about your website traffic that I became enamored with this toy. I could generate pages and pages of reports […]

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08 January 2014 ~ 0 Comments

Never Trust A Skinny Chef

Would you take advice from a vegan on how to grill the perfect steak? Probably not. It isn’t their area of expertise. They could do the research, present the insights and advice of others to you, but they most likely wouldn’t have the life experience of successes (and failures) required to provide you with the most […]

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15 October 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Intergalactic Idea Alarms

For every Garbage Pail Kids there are twenty Trash Can Tykes. For every Pet Rock there are fifty Boulder Buddies. For every Candy Crush there are one hundred Sweets Smashers. You’ve probably been sitting in front of the television and all of a sudden a commercial comes on pitching some product that made you poke the […]

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