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Scribbling on napkins

I am a very big fan of scribbling ideas and jotting notes and scrawling diagrams on napkins. Putting the tip of a rollerball pen to a napkin just seems to foster my creative spirit.

The napkin is an informal method of sharing an idea or making plans. It usually means you’re in a casual location (diner, coffee shop, bar)  and having a friendly (vs. “professional”) conversation with a client or prospect who isn’t checking their watch every 3 minutes to see if it’s too early to escape your pitch.

Scribbling on napkins is an easy way to communicate an idea to the person you’re speaking with. If you can explain an idea through text or images drawn on a napkin — it’s too complicated.

Over the years I’ve collected a few idea/napkin themed resources and I wanted to share them with you via the links below.  If you can’t remember all the names… just jot them down on a napkin.

napkin-notesNapkin Note Resources

Have any others I should add to the list?
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