23 March 2017 ~ 0 Comments

Magazine Revenue Ideas

I recently participated in an hour-long brainstorm session with Ron McDaniel, leader of the Micro Mag Publishing community. We bounced around ideas for local publishers on the topics of non-traditional revenue generation, selling ideas (versus selling advertising), sponsorship opportunities, featured content ideas, how to stay motivated, and a myriad of other topics (until I ran out of coffee!)

Our brainstorm session was recorded as exclusive video content intended for his Micro Mag Publishing members-only area, but Ron has generously made the audio-only version available to the Idea Guy community for a limited time. Frankly, I think the advantage here goes to people who don’t have to stare at my ugly mug while I am coming up with ideas (and I’m not necessarily talking about my coffee mug.)

You don’t have to be a magazine publisher to consume or apply these ideas. There are TONS of concepts here which anyone can adapt and apply to their own business and projects, no matter your area of focus or business category.

Click this link to access the brainstorm audio or click on the image below.

And please leave a comment below to let Ron and me know if you enjoyed the brainstorm — if we get enough positive response (or suggestions for future topics) this could become a regular thing!

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