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Fires and Flames

Who lights your fire?Who lights your fire?
Who fans your flames?
Some people can fire you up, but you also need people who can turn up the heat and help push you to get things done.

You likely have one or two people who inspire you to think big thoughts and explore big concepts. A lucky few of you have at least one person who motivates you to take action and put those big ideas into motion.

Sometimes those individuals are the same person.

Sometimes different people serve different purposes.

Some people are really good at firing you up

Their words, music, pictures inspire you to consider what could be. The raise a level of emotion and energy and adrenaline that revs your engines and gets you burning hot.

Other people are good at fanning the flames and focusing your energy

Lighting the fire isn’t enough. It can burn hot and then burn out. You need people who can fan the flames, feeding your passion while directing the energy toward a focused goal. They demonstrate through their own actions (not just words) that what you dream about can be made real. Because they’ve done it personally. Because they’ve helped others achieve their own goals, and those people serve as witness.

Who inspires you to think bigger?
Who shows you a path to accomplish your goals?

I have been very fortunate to have more than one person cross my path at different times in my life and help me think bigger and put bigger ideas into action.

Recently (within the last couple of years) that person has been Jason Zook of Buy My Future. I wrote about him last year and let my experience serve as a witness to the help and support he’s given me to bring bigger and better ideas into the world. This year, as Jason once again puts his future up for sale — all the products and software and services that he has ever created (and every will create!) are all for sale for a single flat rate.

This kind of thing was pretty impressive last year when he did it, but this year it’s even more so. Firstly, because there is another year of product releases which add value to the quickly amassing collection of success-building tools, and secondly because the futures involved have doubled. Jason got married this year to another creative soul and content maker named Caroline Kelso (now Caroline Zook) and they thought it was only fair that since their personal futures had been joined, so should their commercial ones. And so Buy My Future became Buy Our Future.

You can click here to see what the Buy Our Future offer contains (it expires in a few days, so I recommend clicking soon!) but more importantly, I wanted to chime in and say that things I have access to as a member of the Buy Our Future community have helped me put more of my own ideas into action. As The Idea Guy I have no problem generating ideas. What takes more focused effort is picking which ideas to put into action, and finding the best platforms from which to launch them.

Buy Our Future tools like the course platform Teachery, or the Course Workbook site ofCourseBooks, and (one of my favorites) BumpSale help me launch and sell new content more quickly. I’m actually using BumpSale right now on the recently relaunched FiveBuckBrainstorms.com website where I am inviting visitors to buy all the ideas.

These tools are in addition to advice and lessons and content in the form of how-to courses and case studies from Jason (and now Caroline) on how they’ve launched and profited from their own businesses. They’ve been down this path. They know the way. You’d be silly not to at least be on the look out for the trail markers they’ve left behind.

Probably one of the most valuable items included in this collection is access to the rest of the BOF community via a private Slack channel. Everyone is everyone else’s biggest fans. Everyone wants every other member of the community to succeed. I’ve never seen a more engaged or encouraging group of individuals. It’s a private club like no other. It actually inspired me (fanned the flames) toward the creation of my own private community which is currently in BETA (I have a small group already taking action and plan to add 3 or 4 more within the next couple of months).

The tools and advice Jason and Caroline have (and will) develop are helping me personally focus and take action on my own ideas. I know they can help you as well.

Click here to get more details.
If you decide BOF is right for you and decide to join, be sure to say hello to me in the Buy Our Future community. As my own personal way of welcoming you, I will give you access to all the ideas on FiveBuckBrainstorms.com — Just reach out to me in the BOF Slack channel and ask for access!

Buy Our Future, Jason Zook

BuyOurFuture is available for purchase from March 28 – April 11, 2017