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Kill A Million Goblins

BYS_goblin_10032015x1200To live the life of your dreams, all you have to do is kill a million goblins.

This may or may not be a new concept to you, based on whether or not you’re following my new project over at BigYellowSticky.com. Even if you did see the original image I shared on that site, I wanted to add some context to what inspired the cartoon and quote I drew on the Big Yellow Sticky note a couple days ago.

drawlloween-listOctober gave rise to a daily content creation project for the creatively-inclined called #Drawlloween. Everyday this month a daily challenge is posted, and everyone interested in participating is asked to create piece of visual art based on the Halloween-themed keyword. When it’s over, everyone will have 31 days of original artwork. I’ve participated in daily challenges before, and they can be fun.

Trouble is, I’ve already committed to creating a daily piece of art over at BigYellowSticky.com. In an effort to up the ante on my own BYS challenge and meet the requirements of #Drawlloween, I decided to merge the two projects. So, everyday in October my posts at Big Yellow Sticky will be theed on the #Drawlloween keyword. It’s actually made the BYS creation process even more fun for me!

The October 3 #Drawlloween challenge keyword was GOBLIN.

I started out by drawing an army of goblins 3″ wide and the concept immediately popped into my head. The little goblin army seemed fierce and overwhelming, but when it came right down to it those goblins were tiny little snarling and mean things that were more an annoyance than life-threatening. This made me realize the same is true for so many things in my life (and probably in yours as well.)

Cruel little monsters to which we give too much undeserved power and influence.
Discourteous and unskilled drivers during the morning commute, rude servers at restaurants, slow WIFI connections, glory-grabber managers and snarky co-workers, that jerk who parked in the handicapped space, etc.

Then we have our personal goblins:
Procrastination, tardiness, that pile of dishes in the sink, the stagnant gym membership, poor eating habits, wasting time on Facebook, Snapchat, Netflix, Hulu, etc.

It’s not that these goblins are big and powerful, it’s that they are so tiny and inconsequential that we don’t notice them at first. They creep in from the edges and stay out of our peripheral vision, and we allow them to breed and increase their numbers instead of squashing them while they are still too few to be troublesome.

All that stands between you and getting what you want is one million tiny little battles that you need to win.

All that stands between you can success is a bunch of whiny, growling, mewling, pathetic goblins.

Start squishing!

To help psych you up for battle, I shared a video below of the most epic goblin battle ever filmed — a scene from Labyrinth starring Jennifer Connelly and David Bowie (complete with music from the official soundtrack.)