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Blab.im Ideas for Sales and Marketing

gitomer-ideaguy-blabFun announcement!
I am hosting a LIVE video chat with Jennifer Gluckow and Jeffrey Gitomer on Blab.im next Monday, October 26 at 5:30pm Eastern! Unless they jump on sometime between now and then, I think this is going to be their inaugural appearance on this platform, and I’m thrilled to be the catalyst. You’re invited to witness this historic moment in Sales — the very first time the King of Sales himself makes an entrance on a brand new social platform.

I’ve emailed Jeffrey a few times telling him how great I think Blab.im is, and he’s agreed to test the waters on this new live video platform with me acting as lifeguard. We haven’t set a firm agenda, so drop in and be prepared to ask your toughest questions about why people buy, how to deliver value first, tips for building trust with prospects, and where he buys all those red shirts!

If this will be YOUR first time on Blab or you’re still considering the idea of dipping your toe in these new waters, I did a quick brainstorm to come up with a twelve ideas for using Blab.im in your sales, marketing, and personal brand building efforts.

I shared three of the dozen ideas below.

If you want the full list of one-dozen ideas, just click here to request it. I’ll add you to my exclusive list of email bonus subscribers (if you’re not already on it) and send the list to you personally!

Three ideas for using Blab.im for Sales and Marketing

1. Create audio/video FAQs
Pick a single question and do a brief Blab to elaborate (e-blab-orate?) and answer it, or pick several questions and answer them all. Use the live interaction features to take questions from the audience and answer them live (use your list as filler in case you don’t get ideal participation.) Hit record during your session and use the files provided by Blab to post an audio or video collection of your FAQ. Chop-up the questions into segments or simply use timestamp info to help your users navigate to the right content point. If you use Blab’s one-click upload to YouTube, you can also use the sharing feature on that sight to provide direct links to your timestamped content.

2. Interview your clients and prospects
Use Blab to update sales guru Jeffrey Gitomer’s advice on spotlighting your hot prospects in your company newsletter, but substituting “newsletter” for “Blab”. Schedule a live Blab to interview those high-profile but tough-to-reach prospects in your own video “talk show”. Send them the recorded version to use in their own marketing and social media shares. Lock down the extra Blab seats during your interview for a one-to-one conversation or open them up to take questions from your “studio audience”.

3. Mastermind
Jeffrey is a big fan of the Mastermind concept outlined in Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich. He even started an exclusive Mastermind group of his own that he personally facilitates. Blab is almost perfectly suited to hosting Mastermind sessions, though you have to be willing to hold them publicly. As of right now there are no “private” Blabs, and anyone can wander into your session. However, as host of the Blab you get to pick and choose who can sit in the chair and share the stage via their camera and microphone.

Those are just the first three ideas — if you want all twelve, just ask!

blab-logo01Join me, Jeffrey Gitomer and Jennifer Gluckow to hear more ideas on sales, selling, customer loyalty (and even a few more Blab ideas!)

Confirm your attendance now!
Join Don The Idea Guy, Jennifer Gluckow, and The King of Sales himself, Jeffrey Gitomer on Monday, October 26, 2015 at 5:30pm Eastern for a LIVE video chat on the hot new social platform Blab.im.

The three of us will be sharing ideas on how you can get better at sales by delivering value first, building an online reputation by posting great content, and…pretty much just playing around and having fun with this cool new live video broadcasting app! But YOU will also be able to use Blab to grab the mic and participate in the discussion by asking your questions LIVE and on-camera.

Just click link to visit the Blab event page and hit the “subscribe” button to be notified when the Blab begins. Just in case you can’t make it to the live event, everyone who clicks the subscribe button also receives a link to the recorded replay as soon as it’s available.

You’ll need a Twitter account in order to sign-up to participate in the Blab (hey, both are free), and once you’re inside the live video conference you’ll be able to interact with other attendees via the chat window, or even use the camera and mic on your computer or mobile device to step “on stage” and ask a question. Note: Blab desktop works in most browsers, but the Blab app is only currently available for Apple devices.

See you Monday!