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Be Your Own Genie

genie-lampIf you had three wishes, what would you wish for…
A vacation in Hawaii?

Many people spend hours and hours (amounting to years of their life) wishing for their ideal situation.  Think of the time spent wishing for more money, a better job, to be an artist, an actor, an author. Wishing they could find the perfect mate (or escape a bad relationship.)  Wishing they were more fit, weighed less, had gone to college and earned a degree, had a motorcycle, a boat, could go skydiving… Wishing they were “happier”.

What if I told you that all of your wishes could be granted?
The bad news is that you get the same answer as Dorothy got from Glinda the Good in the Wizard of Oz — you had the power all along —  but, (also like Dorothy) you have to learn it for yourself.

jeannie03You are your own Genie.

That’s right. The power to make all of those wishes come true lies within you.  Where do you get the magic power? Focused effort and taking action. POOF.

  • Wish you had more money?
    Use your imagination to develop a second stream of income (there are so many ways to use the internet to earn money!)
  • Wish you could take a dream vacation?
    Make a plan to save the money you need and start picking out places to stay and things to do when you get there. Airbnb.com can help you find an inexpensive place to stay.
  • Wish you could find true love?
    Get out and meet more people. Begin by hanging out where your ideal person would hang out — otherwise how will you ever meet them?
  • Wish you’d earned a college degree?
    Take night classes or online courses.
  • Wish you knew how to ride a motorcycle?
    Many cities have inexpensive training provided by your local bureau of motor vehicles, and a lot of larger motorcycle dealerships also offer paid courses (and a discount to apply toward a motorcycle upon completion.)

The point is that you can’t just wish for it — you need to take action.
You need to rub the lamp.

Wish for more wishes!

Here’s the best part of being your own genie… the old rules don’t apply.
If you rub the lamp and take the necessary actions to make your wishes come true — you can wish for more wishes! You might want to keep it to three wishes at a time (that way you just have a few to focus on at a time), but with every wish you grant for yourself, go ahead and replace it with a new wish.  Soon you’ll find that your magical genie powers are growing, and it takes less and less time to make those new wishes come true.

Granting wishes become easier with practice.

Lightbulb Moment

  • Be your own Genie
    Realize you have the power to grant your own wishes. You simply have to stop wishing — and start doing.
  • Rub a lamp
    If you found a genie in a lamp you wouldn’t be able to simply “wish” — you have to take action first. You have to rub the lamp.  Real life is no different. The wish is want you want. The work is how you get it. In the words of Shakespeare: “Aye, there’s the rub.
  • Wish for more wishes
    The more wishes you make come true, the greater your genie powers will grow. Keep making wishes and keep making them come true. Wish bigger and better things for yourself and then go make those wishes a reality.

And now for a little wish-granting theme music…


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