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Places You Can Sell Your Ideas

The only question I get asked more than “how do I come up with more ideas?” is “where can I sell my ideas?” — and these two questions couldn’t be further apart.

The answer to the first question is all about efforts and exercises to produce creative concepts in large quantities, whereas the most successful and profitable answer to the second question is more about access, influence, establishing value, and creating solutions to very specific problems.

If ideas are a dime-a-dozen:
Where can I find lots of people with lots of dimes?

places you can sell ideasFor the first time ever, I’ve assembled a collection of some favorite places for showcasing and selling creative ideas, as well as finding problems and challenges to be solved (at a profit!) I know about these resources because I’ve either used these exact resources (or similar ones) to market and sell and profit from my own ideas.

My latest Five Buck Brainstorm is titled Places You Can Sell Your Ideas and includes almost 20 individual strategies and dozens of resources and links that can help you sell the ideas you have swimming around your head.

This brainstormed list includes links to websites offering high-dollar bounties to people who can come up with winning ideas to corporate challenges and lists of resources you can use to make your own idea a reality (and generate recurring profits for yourself.)

Some of these resources may be new to you, some may be familiar (although shared in a new context), but all hold potential for you to profit from your ability to conceive of creative and innovative solutions and position them in a marketplace full of people willing to trade you some dimes (in some cases lots and lots of them!) for your best ideas.

And just like all the collections of ideas available on FiveBuckBrainstorms.com — you get all the ideas to explore, experiment with, and expand upon immediately delivered to you in a downloadable PDF document for just $5.00.

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