30 August 2018 ~ Comments Off on Pizza Money

Pizza Money

There is an ancient principle of valuation attributed to Aristotle that goes like this:

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

This essentially meant that when separate components are combined they equate to greater value than their singular elements would if viewed individually. But Aristotle neglected to take one key example into account with his theory…


After doing some intense research on this subject (oh, the sacrifices I make!) I found that a local pizza place in my town that sells both whole pizzas as well as pizza by the slice easily disproves this valuation theory. Here are two items from the menu of the same pizza shop:

  • One slice of pepperoni pizza for $3.68
  • One whole 17″ pepperoni pizza for $14.00

Based on the fact their pizzas have 8 slices per pie, that makes the average individual slice of the whole pie just $1.75 per slice — but if I bought 8 slices at the individual rate, my cost would be $29.44 for a whole pizza.

Here’s my point

If you want to make more money from your ideas, products, and services — perhaps instead of bundling items together as “whole pizzas” you should be selling individual slices.

Rather than charging one “value price” for everything you do, try cutting your products and services into individual slices and selling them that way. Rather than charging a flat rate of $100/hour for “graphic design work”, charge a “per slice” rate by charging one price for logo design work and another for photo editing and another for ad design and another for web design, etc. based on the client demand and the individual value you can bring in regard to your talent.

Another example of this would be if you were trying to make a little extra beer and pizza money by selling some books you own, don’t pack them all in a box and sell them for a flat rate — list the titles individually and try to sell them a la carte. You can build more value on an individual one-to-one basis by offering Agatha Christie novels to mystery fans and a sign book by Seth Godin to marketing geeks, than you can just pitching a generic box of books to anyone who reads.

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