01 January 2018 ~ Comments Off on My Three Words for 2018

My Three Words for 2018

Most people make resolutions this time of year (and then break them a few weeks or months later) but I’ve started following the practice I first learned from author Chris Brogan and choose three focus words to help guide my plans and decisions throughout the year.

Some folks choose a single word, but I like the idea of using three words to help triangulate in on my overall master goals. Having these three words is also a huge help in decision making. Picking a project direction or deciding one a single course of action from numerous available options is made far simpler when weighed against the three focus words. If one of the available choices align better with one (or more) of your focus words, the path becomes clearer.

Every year Chris posts his three words on January 1st. My friend Anthony Iannarino does the same and I started posting mine publicly last year.

I love alliteration, so my words typically begin with the same three letters. Last year they were Quarterback, Quantity, and Quest.

This year my three words for 2018 are Record, Recruit, Reduce.

RECORD: Record more video content, podcast, etc. Keep better record of my ideas and my revenue. Record (document) my process for doing the things I do best and the things I do that provide the most value to my clients.

RECRUIT: Invite more members into my paid/subscription products and sites. Recruit more clients to give testimonials and reviews (and “Record” them). Recruit more insiders into my email lists.

REDUCE: it’s likely my wife and I will buy a house this year, so reducing clutter and personal belongs is a priority, as is reducing over all debt (to make room for the new mortgage debt!) I’d also like to reduce my body weight by reducing the amount of bad stuff I eat, and reduce the excuses I make for not finishing the things I want to accomplish.

Have you tried choosing three focus words for your year? If so, share them on social media using the hashtag #my3words so we can all easily find the posts and support one another’s efforts this year!

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