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Marketing Passion Blabstorm

blab-logo01Just the other night I had the chance to introduce my friend @marketingmiker (A.K.A. Mike Rudd) to Blab.im. It was the second time hosting my own Blab and Mike’s first time using the platform. You wouldn’t know it was Mike’s first time from the ease at which he participated in the live video chat event (it must have been from all the experience he earned doing the interviews for his Hot Dog Stand Chronicles podcast).

We picked a theme to discuss based on a recent article Mike had written for his blog about committing to passion, but we wanted to approach it from a marketing angle and talk about ways companies could better influence prospects to do business with them by marketing to thing their customers felt passionate about.

Being new to Blab myself, I forgot to hit the “record” button for about the first 15 minutes of our chat — but I managed to capture the bulk of our conversation and the most salient points. You can watch the replay via the embedded video player accompanying this article (or you can click over to my replay page on Blab and watch it there.)

By the end of the conversation we realized that although we began by calling our idea “Marketing Passion” that it was more comprehensive to describe it as “Marketing TO Passion”– meaning companies needed to stop trying to interrupt an audience with advertising and participate in conversations about the things for which their audience felt an affinity. Anything from hiking and biking to improving the quality of life for the homeless. We also shared ideas for best ways to find out exactly what topics, activities, and causes your audience feels most passionate about, and (spoiler alert!) it involves more listening than talking.

If you like what you heard and would like to join us for a future live video discussion on Blab (I’m calling it a Blabstorm), we’ve already scheduled our next gathering for Tuesday, September 15, 2015 at 7pm Eastern.

The topic we’ve chosen this time is related to our original conversation about Marketing To Passion, but we intend to dive deeper into the subject and talk about the kind of marketing messages you need to create in order to reach a group of people passionate about an interest in their lives and motivate them to do business with you. Hint: your marketing message needs to be just as passionate as they are!

blab-09152015Join us for “How To Write Passionate Copy for Business!”
So many people just go through the motions in writing promotional copy for their ads and marketing materials, but the words you use can make or break how your brand and your business sounds in the ears (and hearts and minds!) of your audience.

Joining me and Mike Rudd will be Tom Brewer, a professional copy writer and former English teacher from Cincinnati, Ohio to provide additional insight and advice on this important topic.

…And YOU can participate, too! 

Just click this link to visit the scheduled Blab page and hit the “subscribe” button to be notified when the Blab begins. Just in case you can’t make it to the live event, everyone who clicks the subscribe button also receives a link to the recorded replay as soon as it’s available.

You’ll need a free Twitter account in order to sign-up for Blab (also free), but once you’re inside the live video conference you’ll be able to interact with other attendees via the chat window, or even use your computer’s or mobile device’s camera and mic to step on to the stage and ask a question from our panel or offer up some advice of your own! Note: Blab desktop works in most browsers, but the Blab app is only currently available for Apple devices.

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Looking forward to blabbing with you soon!