03 December 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Gary Vaynerchuk’s New Book vs. My Old Post

JJJRH-bookMaster marketer, social media maestro, and wine geek Gary Vaynerchuk released his latest book last week — Jab, Jab, Jab, Right-Hook is a study in case studies of real, measurable, and remarkable response and results from integrated marketing efforts.

Distilled to its essence, Gary’s primary point is that you Give, Give, Give FIRST (jabs) and only then do you ASK (right-hook).  In other words, you give (give, give, give) Value first, and then you Earn the Sale.

There is nothing new about the concept.

The message of giving value first to connect to the prospect and earn their trust (before you begin pitching products) dates back to Dale Carnegie and then Zig Ziglar and then my mentor Jeffrey Gitomer and my friend Anthony Iannarino.

But, Gary brings new successes and examples to share with his readers, as well as sharing some of his favorite personal techniques for jabbing.

I enjoyed the book a lot (I received a advance review copy from Amazon Vine’s program, earned a free copy when I signed up for Gary’s Context is Key course on SkillShare.com, and pre-ordered the book on my Kindle.) Can you tell I’m a fan?

HOWEVER, I will adamantly lay claim to publishing the marketing-as-boxing analogy before him, which was inspired by an early quote from Jeffrey Gitomer‘s book The Sales Bible that I share in the article:

The principle of leaning forward is most easily defined in boxing. During the fight, boxers chase each other all over the ring. Jabbing and throwing punches. But occasionally, one boxer is leaning forward as the other is throwing a punch. The term used is “walking into a punch.” And the opponent immediately falls to the ground. Out cold. Your job, in establishing rapport, is to get the customer leaning forward with a pen so that when you slide the contract underneath it, he or she is ready to sign.

No word yet on whether or not Dale Carnegie published anything about How to Win Friends and Knock-Out People.