01 May 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Five Buck Brainstorms

I am happy to announce the relaunch of a newly revamped and reinvented twist on an idea I had a few years back to sell custom brainstorms for just $5 each.

The new www.FiveBuckBrainstorms.com offers original Don The Idea Guy brainstorms on a variety of topics that I choose — and that you can submit as suggestions through the website!

Each individual brainstorm contains one dozen ideas (or more!) in an easy to download PDF document to read online (compatible with most e-readers, like Kindle and Nook) or to print out and carry with you.

The first edition is now available through the site and the topic is “Ideas for Brainstorm Topics” to help get you thinking about what topics to suggest for future editions. Normally $5 — this sample edition is available for just $1 (and it’s actually FREE if you use the special link found on the site.)

Watch for a new $5BB edition on a different topic each week, and sign-up for the notification list so you don’t miss new releases!