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31 Days of Ideas

One of the great ideas I’ve run across online is something called #VEDA. Twice each year Amy Schmittauer of SavvySexySocial.com takes ownership of an internet meme called #VEDA — which stands for Video Every Day in August (or April …hence the twice-each-year…).

While Amy didn’t personally create this month-long challenge to motivate individuals to commit to a habit of recording and publishing a daily video for 31 (or 30) days, she’s certainly stepped up to lead the tribe. under the adapted #SSSVEDA banner …er… hashtag.

The last time I participated in the #VEDA challenge was three years ago. I stuck mostly with Amy’s list of helpful prompts (which she conveniently provides as a month of daily scheduled tasks on a #VEDA Google Calendar which you can add to your own Google Calendar). My first attempt at #VEDA was a useful (and fun) experiment. I proved to myself that I could absolutely produce a daily video — I completed all 31 days in a row — if I wanted to. Which, as it turns out, I didn’t really want to do back then!

I certainly have other daily content creation challenges that I’ve committed to and haven’t missed a day yet — but video wasn’t a big priority for me back then.

With the increase in video consumption over the years that followed my #VEDA challenge, and the easy web and mobile-based video production tools which have only gotten improved over time, I decided to take another stab at doing the #VEDA challenge for August 2017.

This time I decided to forgo the simple suggested prompts and turn my #VEDA videos into a series 31 individual brainstorms.

The video I posted on Day 1 was an invitation to my social media friends and followers asking them to leave a comment with a topic, a problem, or a challenge they’d like me to apply little extra creative power toward solving. Even if they had an idea of their own that they simply wanted some advice on putting it into action — for the next 30 days I’d be happy to help them through these daily videos.

Just like that I had a list of topics that would easily carry me through my first week.

This offer is also open to you, my dear blog reader!

Just leave a comment below with a topic and some basic details of what you’d like me to apply my creativity to on your behalf, and I will do my best to cover it in one of the videos I produce this month.

Who knows? If I get enough topics submitted, perhaps I’ll continue recording daily videos into September (or beyond!) But I can’t do it without your help! Please leave your comment below (to make sure you get your topic on the list sooner!) and then use one of the social sharing buttons on this page to forward this post to just one or two people you know that might benefit from a little creative insight form Don The Idea Guy!

PS: I am embedding the #VEDA2017 video playlist below this post. This way you’ll have one place to go to catch up on every video I post (in case you miss a an individual daily link).

31 Days of Ideas Playlist