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10 Ideas Worth Sharing with the World

megaphone-150254_640As part of a daily idea practice I participate in with some friends on Facebook, a recent topic prompt asked for 10 ideas, messages, thoughts, concepts I consider worth sharing with the world.

Since January of 2015 I’ve actually been in a habit of posting one of those thoughts on a daily basis (with the help of a Sharpie® and a pad of Post-It® notes) on my website BigYellowSticky.com, so I went to the archives and pulled some of my personal favorites and collected them into the list below to share with you. I even took the opportunity to add a few extra words to build on the concept a bit further.

If you have some prolific and profound thoughts and concepts of your own that you’re willing to share, please add to the conversation by contributing in the comments section at the end of the post.

Here are my 10 concepts I’d like to share with the world (starting with you!)

1. There ARE bad ideas.
The biggest lie brainstorm facilitators tell their groups is “there are no bad ideas.” Wrong. There are terrible ideas, horrible ideas — but the part where you judge the ideas comes AFTER you create a bunch of them to sort through.

2. There is power in a ridiculously short deadline.
How much work do you get done the hour before a project is due? How much stuff do you get off your desk the day before you leave for vacation? Give yourself half (or a quarter!) of the time you think you need in order to get something done.

3. Start with YES, figure out the rest.
Read Yes Man” by Danny Wallace (not the Jim Carey movie!) and it will open you up to the possibilities and opportunities of going to Yes by default.

4. A magic marker can be a magic wand.
The pen may be mightier than the sword, but a Sharpie can work miracles! It’s impossible to write in a quiet voice with a broad tip marker. It’s impossible to be shy when writing a note in Sharpie. To be bolder, write bolder.

hand-644145_6405. Everyone needs an Epic Personal Quest.
What’s yours?

6. Stop reading so many of other people’s books and start writing your own.
Put your best thoughts on paper and press the publish button.

7. Think like an optimist. Prepare like a pessimist.
It’s the only way to be a realist.

8. Do someone a “solid”.
Find someone who mentions a need on social media and connect them with someone or something that can help them. Don’t just say you’re a resource — act like one.

9. Be your own power supply.
Don’t rely on other people (spouse, family, employer) to fuel your attitude and actions. Plug-into your own power supply and be your own back-up generator.

10. More coffee and conversations.
I’ve come up with more ideas over coffee with friends and clients than in any number of formal brainstorm sessions. Sharing ideas while you’re sharing a pot of coffee is the ultimate creative catalyst.

Ideas have the power to change the world.
But only if you share your ideas with the world.