How do you get a lot of ideas?

Don The Idea Guy Linus Pauling said the best way to get a good idea was to get a lot of ideas -- but the question then becomes, how do you get a lot of ideas? The answer is easy... DON THE IDEA GUY!

30 April 2002 ~ 0 Comments

Happy Tuesday Folks ~ Since I recommended a movie and some poetry yesterday, I figured I’d include a couple links to some music today. I’m a firm believer in the creative powers of music. You can actually control the type of ideas you’re creating by altering the style of music you’re listening to while brainstorming. […]

29 April 2002 ~ 0 Comments

Good Morning Thinkers… Hope you had an incredibly creative weekend! I’ve got a couple things for you this morning: I’m a huuuge Indie film-fan and I saw an awesome film on DVD last night. The Tao of Steve Go rent it (or better yet buy it and help support the indie filmmakers… and the Idea […]

26 April 2002 ~ 0 Comments

Think product placement in movies and tv shows has gone too far? You ain’t seen nuthin yet! I would normally write my own headline for this, but the original is just *so* good… Armageddon Approaches: The Trade(Mark) Of The Beast

24 April 2002 ~ 0 Comments

Inspiration, trivia, research, history lesson ~ today’s link qualifies as all these things and more! Historical Inventions

23 April 2002 ~ 0 Comments

The Tom Peter’s website has a new interview with Robert Sutton, the author of Weird Ideas That Work one of the cool books on my own library shelf. 🙂 Click here to read the interview Watch for a review of the book (coming soon!) on my TOOLS page

23 April 2002 ~ 0 Comments

Based on the previous two postings, I thought this link was especially appropriate: Copyright Law for Webmasters

22 April 2002 ~ 0 Comments

It’s about time! Copyright Awareness Week

22 April 2002 ~ 0 Comments

I can see both sides of this argument, but I must say I end up on the side of "free linking." There are plenty of password protection utilities that can be employed if you truly wish to bar someone from information you have posted.  Our phone numbers are listed in public books unless we pay […]

22 April 2002 ~ 0 Comments

This could be very cool… a REAL Thinking Cap?

22 April 2002 ~ 0 Comments

Backflip Creativity Bookmarks


Hey there ~ just a reminder that you can STILL checkout my personal list of creativity-themed internet bookmarks by visiting my FREE IDEAS page: And checking out the link. …Access to my personal list of links is still FREE ~ but the offer could end at any time! Update: The shared bookmark service […]