You must be exhausted… You’ve been running through my mind all night.

The “Running Through My Mind” Podcast

The only podcast broadcast from a parking lot!

What’s On My Mind?
You may be afraid you asked!

Running Through My Mind PodcastThe Running Through My Mind podcast is a mental monologue, talking to-do list, and an audio action agenda from Don The Idea Guy, recorded every Monday through Friday, as I pull into my parking space after completing my morning commute. Each episode is recorded from the front seat of my car using the free Spreaker Studio app on my iPhone and a really cheap Bluetooth headset, all while enjoying the last few sips of DripJoy coffee from my bright yellow Timolino travel mug.

What’s The Show About?
The show is about 10-15 minutes long (#seewhatIdidthere?) and episode topics range from ideas I specifically planned to share with you, to random content and concepts that pop into my head during that morning’s commute. My intent is to always take whatever is running through my mind and frame it in a way that you will (hopefully!) find interesting and applicable to your own life — and to give you something to think about for the rest of your day.

Show Notes
Whenever I mention a resource in the episode, I strive to add a link from the podcast show notes. If I mention something from the episode and failed to provide link, just reach out to me here or on social media and I will give you the link you’re looking for.

Show Ratings, Reviews, and Sharing
I’m doing this podcast just for you and me, but if you like what you hear and want me to keep posting episodes — please rate and review the show on iTunes and Spreaker (or whatever other podcast player you’re using!) and please Like and Share the episodes using your favorite social media platform (you can find and tag me by searching for the user name “dontheideaguy“).

Show Sponsors and Product Mentions
From time to time I may team up with a product, service, or brand that I believe adds value to the program. I promise you that I will always base my choices on adding content of value to you as a listener.

If I’m sharing a resource or telling you about something special, it’s because I’ve personally tried it and found it to be of value. I use affiliate links where applicable and disclose when I’ve been paid to feature or review an item. If it’s good, I’ll tell you — if there are flaws, I’ll tell you that too!

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DripJoy | Single Serve Coffee Maker & Subscription BoxDripJoy is the first official sponsor of the Running Through My Mind podcast and I couldn’t be happier to welcome them on board! If you know me, then you know how much I love coffee — DripJoy is a perfect sponsor.

Their coffee tastes fantastic (I know because they sent me a whole case of samples to try!) and although they offer their own brewer as part of their mail order subscription program, the JoyPods™ are completely K-Cup® compatible with my Keurig brewer. Visit their website to learn more about their different coffee roasts and subscription programs.

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