Don The Idea Guy is available for just about any sort of idea generation project — everything from remote-based “solo-storming” to individual one-on-one sessions over coffee (Don calls them “Beanstorm sessions!) to more formal large or small group brainstorm facilitation at your location.

All brainstorm projects begin with a personal conversation between you and Don The Idea Guy. The goal of this first contact is to get your primary focus and outcomes for the brainstorm distilled into just a few, very specific, targeted creativity questions.

You’d be amazed the different kinds of ideas that can be envisioned by the simple rephrasing of a question!

Once your expectations have been determined, DTIG can assemble the best resources needed to bring about your desired results.

Basic brainstorm rates begin at just $200/hour, with all other work custom-quoted on a per project basis in order to provide the best possible value for the specific results you seek.

Here’s how one client uses Don The Idea Guy’s “Beanstorming” services…

Creativity On-Call
$2.00/minute charity donation
Ask a quick question
Get resource recommendations
Bounce around a few ideas
PLUS... proceeds from these calls are donated to charity: Williams Syndrome Association.
Coffee meet-up to brainstorm face-to-face
Either in-person (based on my current local location) or virtually via Skype
Invite one person plus yourself
Take notes or use an audio recorder (recommended) to capture as many ideas as possible
Session lasts about an hour
BeanStorm Percolation Package
Ideas brewed over a fixed time period allowing better ideas and deeper concepts to percolate and evolve.
Basic brainstorm with a 30-45 minute discovery pre-call
You receive a PDF containing every idea I could come up with on your topic/challenge
Resource recommendations and links
Examples/links to help explain concepts
Follow-up call after you receive the report to discuss specific ideas you want to pursue
Recommended turnaround time is 5-10 days (but can be customized to your need)

Custom Projects

Need creative help with something that doesn’t quite fit the basic services above?  Please contact Don The Idea Guy to discuss your project today!

Interested in having Don The Idea Guy speak to your group or organization on creativity, innovation, idea generation, personal branding, or marketing and promotion? Visit the SPEAKING page!