Don The Idea Guy is available for just about any sort of idea generation project — everything from remote-based “solo-storming” to individual one-on-one sessions over coffee (Don calls them “Beanstorm sessions!) to more formal large or small group brainstorm facilitation at your location.

All brainstorm projects begin with a personal conversation between you and Don The Idea Guy. The goal of this first contact is to get your primary focus and outcomes for the brainstorm distilled into just a few, very specific, targeted creativity questions.

You’d be amazed the different kinds of ideas that can be envisioned by the simple rephrasing of a question!

Once your expectations have been determined, DTIG can assemble the best resources needed to bring about your desired results.

Basic brainstorm rates begin at just $200/hour, with all other work custom-quoted on a per project basis in order to provide the best possible value for the specific results you seek.

Here’s how one client uses Don The Idea Guy’s “Beanstorming” services…

Creativity On-Call
$2.00/minute charity donation
Ask a quick question
Get resource recommendations
Bounce around a few ideas
PLUS... proceeds from these calls are donated to charity: Williams Syndrome Association.
Coffee meet-up to brainstorm face-to-face
Either in-person (based on my current local location) or virtually via Skype
Invite one person plus yourself
Take notes or use an audio recorder (recommended) to capture as many ideas as possible
Session lasts about an hour
BeanStorm Percolation Package
Ideas brewed over a fixed time period allowing better ideas and deeper concepts to percolate and evolve.
Basic brainstorm with a 30-45 minute discovery pre-call
You receive a PDF containing every idea I could come up with on your topic/challenge
Resource recommendations and links
Examples/links to help explain concepts
Follow-up call after you receive the report to discuss specific ideas you want to pursue
Recommended turnaround time is 5-10 days (but can be customized to your need)

Some creative brainstorming services from Don The Idea Guy

  • Beanstorming : Coffee & Creativity
    Nothing keeps concepts flowing free and fast as bouncing around a few ideas with friends over a cup of coffee.  You’ve heard of the ‘bottomless cup of coffee’ — well Don The Idea Guy is your bottomless cup of creativity. Meet me for a cup or two of my favorite brew and you’ll walk away with enough ideas to keep you busy for a week or two (or three!)
  • Brainstorm Plus
    DTIG and his caffeine-powered super brain burst into action mode to capture as many creative concepts, what-ifs, why-nots, and where-the-hell-did-that-come-froms as possible.  Your Solo-storm results are emailed to you in a digital file containing each idea in numerical sequence so that you can follow where one idea leads into another.  Ideas sparking from other industries, movies, books, music, magazines, tv shows, websites, etc. are cited and linked so you can explore additional possibilities on your own.
  • Inklings: Journal Jottings
    Willing to wait a while longer for the results of your brainstorm? Want your results delivered in a format just as creative as the ideas it contains? Invest in a month-long idea quest in which Don The Idea Guy starts a brainstorm journal dedicated to capturing ideas and inspirations on what subject you choose.  DTIG’s personal idea notebooks are filled with article clippings, photos, sketches, scribbles, mindmaps, and handwritten entries dedicated to archiving big ideas and seeds of innovations.  At the end of the 30-day “Envision Quest” the journal is yours to keep.  As you sift through the ideas contained in the notebook, make notes in the margin to provide yourself a map to explore later. Pick-up where DTIG left off and begin recording your own observations in the remaining pages of the journal. If you’re not already a journaler, you’ll find this a habit forming and effective way to develop your own brainstorming and ideation abilities.
  • Creative Cowboys
    Seeking that one great idea by collecting as many ideas as possible? Let DTIG call on his creative cowboys to rustle-up the best herd of prime, Grade-A ideas you’ve ever seen this side of the Pecos!  The only thing Don The Idea Guy likes better than collecting brilliant ideas, is befriending the brilliant minds that excell at generating innovative ideas and creative problem-solving. Based on the results you specified in your planning conversation, DTIG will personally recruit a group of brainstormers whose experience and background are best suited to contribute the most effective solutions to your challenge.  The collected results are delivered in a database that allows you to sort the ideas by date, content tags, and individual contributor.  If the team meets as a group or via conference call, these sessions are recorded and an MP3 file is provided to you at no additional charge.  Pricing for this service is based on the number of desired participants, preferred number of resulting ideas, and the amount of time allowed to conduct the brainstorm.
  • Group Facilitation
    Some clients already have a bright team of participants eager to contribute their ideas to the project, but simply don’t know where to begin.  Don The Idea Guy is an experienced brainstorming participant AND facilitator.  The biggest challenge in any brainstorm is navigating past negativity and avoiding early evaluation of the ideas being contirbuted. DTIG can keep your group moving forward in a positive and productive manner with creative exercises proven to marginalize the “idea assassins” and maximize the number of ideas being generated during the time alloted.
  • Custom Projects
    Need creative help with something that doesn’t quite fit the basic services above?  Please contact Don The Idea Guy to discuss your project today!

Interested in having Don The Idea Guy speak to your group or organization on creativity, innovation, idea generation, personal branding, or marketing and promotion? Visit the SPEAKING page!

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