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The revised and expanded edition of 100-WHATS of CREATIVITY is chock full of mental detours to help your derailed creative efforts get back on a productive path to innovation.


The book is filled with 100 “What- If?” questions that are calculated to provoke your thinking in weird, fresh, and unusual directions — and help you to power your way through the creative blocks that may be stifling your thinking.

Each page is devoted to a single “What if?” question along with several ancillary what-ifs to help you to apply it to your creative challenge.

Examples include:
  • What if… it made noise?
  • What if… it was a candy bar?
  • What if… it had an attitude?
  • What if… your idea had a theme song?

These questions are aimed at helping you to clearly visualize the nature, aspects, and elements of your creative challenge — its “personality”. This is the first step toward generating new and unique ideas about your challenge topic.

What ifs? are interspersed with original quotes from Don The Idea Guy which are also designed to encourage your creative thinking and bolster your boldness to share them with the word and bring them into reality.

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I just know that once you begin using 100-WHATS of CREATIVITY as an innovation tool, you’ll want to get your own copy to keep as a handy and constant resource for improving your ideas and kickstarting your creative process.

By giving you free access to this valuable brainstorming tool, I’m betting that you’re going to eventually buy TWO copies of the physical book: one for home and one for the office.

If you really like it, feel free to buy a third copy in order to pass it along to a friend in need of generating bigger and better ideas.


Here’s what people are saying about 100-WHATS…

Don has written an amazing book that will give anyone the creative jolt they need! The creative questions that are packed into this small, practical and stimulating book are a little taste of Don’s creative energy ? it’s like spending a couple of hours with a really smart friend. You will finish this book with many new ideas and want to return to it many times. The only “what-if” question you don’t want to answer is “what if I never read this book?”
~Kes Sampanthar, Inventor of ThinkCube

On rare occasions, I actually run across new and creative ways to generate creative ideas — “100-Whats of Creativity” is one of those gems.
~Jamie Nast, Author of Idea Mapping

Sometimes the best ideas come from examining the possibilities and opportunities we hold in our heads. Don’s book is an exercise in unlocking your creative mind by showing how powerful brands and business opportunities can blossom from that one powerful question: “What If?”. What if you didn’t read this book? Would your business be as successful as it could be?
~ Jim Kukral, Marketing Ideas Online

100-WHATS allows you to take the brilliance of Don The Idea Guy with you. Don’t miss out on the exponential extra value possible to take your idea to phenomenal success.
This is how the big brains do it!
~ Jim Canterucci, Author of Personal Brilliance

If your goal is a trip outside the box — 100-WHATS needs to be your travel agent. Don’s quips and questions will help you navigate from ‘What Now?’ to ‘What If?’ to ‘What the hell am I waiting for!?’
~ Chuck Francis, Marketing Strategy Consultant

This book is like high-powered, fast-acting creativity juice for non-creative folks, and a great antidote for Adultitis!
~ Jason Kotecki a.k.a “The Champion of Childhood”, Cartoonist. Author. Speaker.

I read Don’s book at 9:00 AM, and by 5:00 PM, I’d already written my next book. That’s how powerful it was. That’s how much it got me thinking.
~ Scott Ginsberg, Author/Speaker/That Guy with the Nametag

The innovation and ideation process is one that requires new and different ways of thinking. Sometimes when you’re immersed in a process or overly familiar with a product it’s hard to think of new ways in which to probe the issue creatively. That’s where we have found the “100-Whats of Creativity” to be an invaluable tool. It prompts the user to look at the issue, process, or product in ways that frequently lead to breakthrough ideas, all by simply asking various “what if” questions. The creativity that results is simply astounding.
~ Keith Pryor, Organizational Development Manager
Packaged Food Company

This book is an amazing catalyst for getting unstuck, or for moving a project to the next step. I think what you?ve got is fantastic! I will be reading it cover to cover.
~ Bonnie Neubauer, Professional author and inventor of the StorySpinner

100-Whats is a potent source of creative fuel.
~ Chuck Frey, Founder/Editor of and author of The Mind Mapping Software Blog

Who else is using 100-WHATS?

  • Kraft Foods
    United States and Canada
  • Harvey Mudd College
    Claremont, CA
  • The Ohio State University
    The College of the Arts
    The Advanced Computing Center for the Arts & Design


I hope you enjoy my book, and may all your ideas be BIG ideas!

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