What I’m Working On Now

Inspired by people like Jason Zook and others, I’m adding a new page to the site that lists the current projects on which I’m working. Most of the people I mentioned have dubbed these lists “Now pages” because it’s what they are working on “Now”. I’m calling mine a “Won page” because it’s what I’m “Working On Now” and because I think it’s a helpful positive mindset to think of these projects as already being winners.

Working On Now…

Updated August 24, 2018

  • SalesToys.com
    Moving this project from a backburner onto a hotter front flame. Take a look and if you’re interested, sign-up for the ride at www.SalesToys.com.
  • Super Action League (Mastermind & Mentorship)
    The Action League is closed to new sign-ups at the moment. I’m working on a reboot that will allow for different levels of participation and in the program (as well as an accompanying podcast to interview some of my favorite action heroes!).
  • BigYellowSticky.com
    I continue to post daily stickies with sharp insights at www.BigYellowSticky.com. I’d love to turn this collection into a published book or licensed art. Let me know if you’re interested in working on this with me.