Everyday is Whensday

Today is an ideal time to adopt an "Everyday is Whensday" philosophy. By now you've probably noticed the unique spelling (or at the very least realized today's date may not in fact be the weekday that falls between Tuesday and Thursday.)

I first shared this concept more than a year after I'd spent some time thinking about just how many of my own projects get delayed because of simple procrastination. I scribbled the concept in my journal, bought the domain name, and put it on my "when-I-have-a-chance-to-get-around-to-it-list."

Whensday is that day you tell yourself (and everyone else) that you're going do something. It's the day you'll accomplish those big dreams; when you'll write your book, when you'll take that long-desired vacation to Ireland, or when you'll start your own business. But Whensday is also the day when you say you're going to follow-through on those smaller (and very attainable) dreams; when you'll take a continuing education class, when you'll sign-up for ballroom dance lessons, when you will clean the garage, when you'll fix the toilet, when you'll read more books, when you'll learn to play the ukulele, etc.

Whensday is...

  • When you have more time
  • When you have more money
  • When you get a degree
  • When you get a new job
  • When you get a raise
  • When you lose some weight
  • When the economy is better
  • When they fire that jerk of a boss
  • When someone gives you a chance
  • When the world isn't conspiring against you
  • When you get more experience
  • When you have more freedom
  • When you meet "the right people"
  • When you don't have so much housework
  • When somebody gives you some help
  • When someone gives you permission
  • When your family understands you
  • When you get motivated
  • When you get famous
  • When you get a promotion
  • When you get out of debt
  • When you save some money
  • When you know you can't fail
  • When you are not so busy
  • When you marry the right person
  • When you get a divorce
  • When you move to another city
  • When you start my own business
  • When your luck is better
  • When you hit the lottery
I've got news for you, that perfect day when -- the stars are in alignment and all your lottery numbers hit, some Hollywood talent scout runs into you at Starbucks and thinks you'd be perfect in the next George Clooney movie, and Steve Jobs calls to ask you to run Apple for him while he's away on vacation -- just ain't gonna happen.

Well, folks… Today is Whensday!
You just need to decide that today is the day you're going to start putting your goals into action. Today is when you're going to write the first chapter of your novel, today is when you're going call that dance studio and sign-up for their next available class, today is when you're going to go down to the hardware store and by a new floaty-thing for your toilet tank.

TODAY is Whensday.

TOMORROW is Whensday.

EVERYDAY is Whensday.

This year is filled with 365 Whensdays.
Make every single one of them count.

For a free Whensday planning calendar (filled with Whensdays) you gotta do two simple things...

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That's it! After I see your post I will send you a message via Facebook that contains the download link.

Everyday is Whensday


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