These are links to people, places, and things that I find creative, useful, and kinda cool.

100 Days of Brilliance
Inspirational innovation observations and actions in a great looking graphical format (perfect for saving as your desktop wallpaper) delivered daily direct to your email for 100 days.

25 Talks to Ignite and Unleash Your Creativity
Incredible list of links to online lectures that are sure to inspire — a great way to start (or end) your day.

Ace Of Sales
The “most funnest” customer contact tool I have ever used!
I like it so much, I became an affiliate. Use my promo code IDEAGUY30 to take a free 30-day test drive.

An Incomplete Manifesto for Growth
A long-time favorite piece of writing from Bruce Mau Design

Behance Outfitters
Products and tools for creative professionals
Free online brainstorming/mindmap tool

Chris Cummins
Chris is a guy you can just sit around and be goofy with. The guy is a trained comedian and accomplished storyteller. If you think you’re going to one-up him with your stories, don’t be fooled by his silence… he’s just waiting for you to finish your story so that he can top it!  Chris has a cartoon-like quality which suits his tendency to simply start talking in funny voices. The problem is that he’s form Canada — so all of his characters say “aboot” instead of “about.”  Chris is another of the recent Gitomer Certified Speaker graduates and he added a special kind of fun by simply being in the room. I’m looking forward to his soon-to-be-released book: “You Can’t Do That! — Oh, Yeah? Watch Me!”

Daniel Grissom
Daniel is fellow Gitomer Certified Speaker, and I had the benefit of going through the qualification process at the same time as Daniel. He has a commanding presence at the front of the room and a voice with the widest range of vocal variety I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing — he’ll make you lean in with a subtle whisper and blow your hair back with a bellowing bass. An impressive orator.

Dan Jourdan : “The Deej”
Deej is a business adviser, consultant, and manging partner of Neighborhood Business Brokers in Marietta, GA.  I met Dan while we were going through the tryouts to qualify as Gitomer Certified Speakers.  Dan has one of the most outgoing personalities I have ever encountered. Ever.  EVER.  You could immediately tell the guy makes friends with everyone. Not just a handshake and smile, but the ability to make a real connection through humor. I’m convinced he’s more comfortable in front of a roomful strangers than anywhere else in the world.

A way to collect and categorize your ideas
Automated follow-up reminders sent to you and your email recipients

Glenn Bill
They call him Mr. Bill! Glenn is another in my graduating class of Gitomer Certified Speakers, and he’s definitely a guy to watch. Glenn delivers his presentations with the intensity and enthusiasm of a coach talking to his team in the lockerroom at halftime during the championship game. I suppose it’s no surprise when you take into account Glenn attend Ball State University on a football scholarship and ended up coaching sports himself. Glenn is also a successful real estate professional and a lot of his speaking gigs are focused on that industry.  I imagine having Mr. Bill/Coach Bill/etc. as your sales manager or sales trainer would be quite an experience!

Gitomer Certified Speakers
An incredible collection of bright minds personally selected by best-selling author and THE authority on selling, Jeffrey Gitomer, and entrusted to deliver his message to a global audience with clarity, humor, and impact. But, hey… I’m a little partial to the group since becoming one of ‘em!

Just what it sounds like — one new idea. Everyday.

A place to Think, Share, and Create ideas with the world.  You can share ideas on submitted topics, request ideas on topics of your own, compete to be top contributor, and search for ideas on just about any theme.

Jeffrey Gitomer Booksaffiliate
My favorite collection of books on attitude and sales by my friend and mentor, Jeffrey Gitomer.

Inspiring quotes, sales calendars, and more to help you reach new heights

Laurie Brown
Laurie also went through the Gitomer Certified Speaker trials at the same time I did, so I had a chance to see her command the front of the room as the sole female contestant in this season of “Who Wants to be a Gitomer Certified Speaker.” Of all the people in the room, Laurie seemed the most composed and at-ease in front of the group. Her years of experience running multi-day workshops and facilitating training programs gave her an edge. Laurie has the ability to ask a question of the entire room, but you feel she’s talking to you personally.  A great gift to have as a speaker, and it’s further proof of what a gifted speaker she is.

Michelle Joyce, Queen of Events
Michelle is one of coolest, most insightful, and generous people I’ve had the pleasure to meet during my career. I’ve known Michelle for YEARS.  She was one of the first people I met within the BuyGitomer, Inc. organization and I am honored to call her a friend. Recently, Michelle has added to her role as my friend and business client to also becoming my coach. Michelle oversees the fledgling group of Gitomer Certified Speakers, and is crafting them (us) into a powerful group of presenters in their own right.

Collaborative mindmapping in your browser – free!

An online mindmapping tool

Another web-based mindmapping tool

My favorite tool for recording ideas

Napkins Sketch Book
I love this idea — and hate that I didn’t think of it first!

A site that shares what others overlook

Noah Rickun
One of my fellow Gitomer Certified Speakers, and an all around “fRickun Cool” dude!

Share your ideas with the world

Personal Brilliance Quotient
A fun assessment and characterization of your innovation abilities by Jim Canterucci, author of Personal Brilliance.  Take the free online survey and find out which of the Personal Brilliance profiles best matches your personality (I’m an Action Hero!)

The easiest way for non-doodlers to be able to sketch out ideas

One of THE best places I’ve found (and it’s in Columbus!) to have a meeting of creative minds.

SolutionPeople Store – affiliate
Cool creativity tools (like the KnowBrainer) from my friend Gerald ‘Solutionman’ Haman

Stephanie Melish, Sales Barista
Another friend and Gitomer Certified Speaker, Stephanie is your “Double-Tall, Non-Fat, No-Whip Sales Barista.”  Being the originator of the term “Idea Barista” I can tell that I was extremely jealous that Ms. Melish combined “Barista” with “Sales” before I thought to do it myself. If that ain’t testimony to her incredible creativity, I don’t know what is!

Tomas Lydahl
This guy kicks ass in two languages! Another one of my new Gitomer Certified Speaker friends, I met Tomas during the intense qualification process. The guy is a phenomenal speaker and storyteller, and what is even more amazing is that English isn’t even his native language — he was blowing away the audience in English AND Swedish. Tomas is public speaker, trainer, consultant in the areas of Business Networking, Sales and Customer loyalty. He thrives on making a difference in peoples lives.

Whitney Bishop
Coach, facilitator, trainer, and Gitomer Certified Speaker; Whitney Bishop is a fireball of joy and positivity. You can’t help but be in a good mood when you’re around her. 100% genuine with a charitable soul. The woman just doesn’t seem to be happy unless she’s helping someone else. I experienced this trait first-hand when Whitney reached out to be during my auditions to become a Gitomer Certified Speaker. She was more than willing to spend time with me on the phone and in-person to ensure the best possible result. I’m convinced Whitney is one of the reasons I made the cut (thanks!)

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