What I’m Working On Now

Inspired by people like Jason Zook and others, I’m adding a new page to the site that lists the current projects on which I’m working. Most of the people I mentioned have dubbed these lists “Now pages” because it’s what they are working on “Now”. I’m calling mine a “Won page” because it’s what I’m “Working On Now” and because I think it’s a helpful positive mindset to think of these projects as already being winners.

Working On Now…

Updated May 1, 2017

  • Super Action League (Mastermind & Mentorship)
    I’ve long wanted to develop a program for helping people put their ideas into action, so I recently launched a beta coaching/mastermind program to help a small group of individuals launch and profit from some interesting ideas. I started with just one person and have now expanded to three. By my count, in even this short amount of time this group has launched at least 6 different initiatives, either improvement to existing projects, promotional efforts, or actual business projects. To continue along the lines of my super hero action them, I am hoping to unite a total of seven members soon. If you’re interested in joining, drop me a line.
  • Five Buck Brain$torms (relaunch)
    I relaunched FiveBuckBrainstorms.com on it’s on domain with on-site purchase options (versus my original test concept using a Tumblr blog and linking out to GumRoad for order processing. The new site allows users to buy “Pay Per View” access if a specific topic catches their eye for limited-time access to specific content, or the option of a monthly subscription rate for unlimited access to all featured content. For a limited time I am also offering a “buy all the ideas” rate where people can pay a one-time price for “forever access” to all content ever published on the site and never have to pay again. With every purchase at this level, the price increases by $5.00 — the sooner you buy, the better rate you get! Click here to view the offer and see the current price being offered.
  • BigYellowSticky.com (new design)
    I have refreshed the look of www.BigYellowSticky.com and still have a few tweaks I’d like to add. Still searching for a unique sponsor for this daily content experiment (now in its third year!).