What I’m Working On Now

Inspired by people like Jason Zook and others, I’m adding a new page to the site that lists the current projects on which I’m working. Most of the people I mentioned have dubbed these lists “Now pages” because it’s what they are working on “Now”. I’m calling mine a “Won page” because it’s what I’m “Working On Now” and because I think it’s a helpful positive mindset to think of these projects as already being winners.

Working On Now…

  • Beerstorm Sessions
    After a long history of awesome idea-generation meetups over beers, I’ve decided to formalize the process and turn it into a series of group events comprised of local SMBs gathering at rotating bar location to network and brainstorm solution to marketing and business problems. I’ve already done one with a group of Ohio Podcasters with another scheduled for January 2017. If you’d like to sign-up for more details, visit: www.beerstorms.com
  • Writers Worksheets
    For Nanowrimo I started collecting writer tip sheets and checklists into a collection of interactive worksheets and workbooks. It’s no where near done (not sure it ever will be 100% complete!), but if you don’t mind being part of the development process, you can buy into it at a ridiculously low price now and never pay again as it increases in content and value. The price will likely go up $1 for every new workbook collection I add. The cool part is that the worksheets are interactive – you can type in notes about your book project as you progress through the workbook. For details visit:  www.dontheideaguy.com/writerworksheets
  • Creative Blocks Club
    Charter member sign-ups for this project have ended! The first box ships soon!
    I did an under-the-radar launch of CreativeBlocksClub.com and had four people sign-up almost instantly! Definite positive proof of concept! The Creative Blocks Club is a crazy idea I had to combine the fun of getting a surprise in the mail (a good surprise like presents – not a bad surprise like notification of an IRS audit!) with an online course. I am working on a more formal launch so that I can get the first mailing out by the end of October. If you’d like to be included, click here for details and become one of my charter members (only 50 spots available!) > No longer accepting members for this quarter.
  • Speaking (Seminars, Workshops, etc.)
    One of my favorite things in the world is to share ideas with a roomful of people. I have open spots on my calendar and would love to speak at your company or association events. Let’s connect and get your dates scheduled!
  • Brainstorming and Idea Generation
    Idea Guy for hire is pretty much what I do. I always have time for more brainstorms, whether it’s facilitating a group brainstorm, producing ideas solo for whatever challenge you have that requires solutions, or virtual idea generation sessions — I’m your (Idea) Guy!
  • Action Hero Coaching
    Once you have all those ideas, you need help evaluating which ones offer the best opportunity and a plan for putting them into action. My one-to-one sessions can help get you started or guide you through the entire process. Let me know if you need help in this area.
  • Five Buck Brain$torms
    I’m always coming up with ideas (whether people are paying me or not!) and I needed a home for those random collections of brainstorms, so I launched FiveBuckBrainstorms.com. Some are really silly, some are deadly serious and focused on important topics. All of them are just five bucks. I’ve been thinking about offering an annual subscription to these brainstorms at a reduced rate. Would you be interested in receiving a weekly brainstorm on random topics to help spark your own creativity? Drop me a line and let me know…
    The big news here is that rather than offering a monthly or annual subscription, I have decided to take a page from Jason Zook’s Buy My Future concept and simply sell access to every-single-brainstorm-ever that I make available on FiveBuckBrainstorms.com! One price — all the ideas. Forever! Can’t wait to launch this. Should be done by my birthday in December!
  • Content Creation and Content Marketing Consulting
    I just signed-on a new client to help produce and promote content marketing for their industry. It’s a strategy I’ve employed for years and it’s become buzz-worthy of late, even though most people constantly get it wrong. I’d like to bring on two or three more clients interested in using content marketing more strategically.
  • My first Online Course!
    I’ve basically combined this project with the CreativeBlocksClub.com project above. The course will be on how to break through the mental blocks preventing you from living up to your creative potential. In-process… I’m struggling with the topic. It might be a course based on my brainstorm about what salespeople should do after they lose an order, or it might be on my creative process of coming up with ideas over coffee, or it might be about content creation… sigh… that’s why this one is listed as something I’m working on and not something I finished. Based on the subjects I listed, what’s your preference?
  • BigYellowSticky.com
    Last year I completed 365 consecutive days of posting a daily quote or (hopefully) inspiring message written in Sharpie on a yellow sticky note. I decided to keep going for a second year in a row (especially since this is a Leap Year — 366 daily messages!) You can view them all at www.BigYellowSticky.com.
  • Get your own BYS
    I added a gig on Fiverr.com offering people their very own custom made Big Yellow Sticky, but so far no one has taken me up on this offer. How about you?

Coming Soon…

  • SalesToys
    SalesToys.com has been left to fallow for a couple years. It was originally started as a means to promote the advertising specialty products I sold as part of a previous business, but I expanded it to share cool products and services that assisted salespeople in being more effective. With so many apps and SAAS products emerging in the time the site has been dormant, I think it’s time to breath some new life into it. I also believe this could be a another good subject for a podcast.


  • BYS Podcast
    Considering this program to replace “Running Through My Mind”…
    With the launch of the new Running Through My Mind podcast, I’ll probably table this specific BYS podcast. My show topics include anything that pops into my head or that I am actively thinking about, so I know that I’ll probably be pulling from BYS concepts by default. There is already one or two episodes based on BYS themes, so it’s kind of like I did put this project into action — I just made it bigger and better!
    I’ve been wanting to do a podcast for a while now, but I really wanted to find a partner/co-host to make t more of a two-way conversation rather than just me speaking to a microphone (but I am not having any luck finding a volunteer to commit!) I decided that perhaps I’ll just do a solo-show based on the backstory to my daily sticky notes at BigYellowSticky.com. It will only be a few minutes long, but it might be interesting to some people and it will be a good daily habit for creating content (just like the stickies are). What do you think about doing this as a quick video rather than just audio?


  • Running Through My Mind Podcast
    This podcast was a proof-of-concept and excuse killer for anyone who said they didn’t have time to do a podcast. I decided to end the experiment after 50 episodes and the last one published on 11/21/2016. I have plans to launch at least one new weekly podcast (maybe more!) but I really enjoyed the daily off-the-cuff format and may revisit it one day. My experiment resulted in at least two new revenue-generating clients, 10+ new people on my email list, 2 or 3 conversations with folks I didn’t know before, and two sponsors (I decided to end the show before I had committed to a campaign for the second sponsor.)
    I just launched a podcast! I’m on episode 12 as of this writing and it’s going really well. It’s the only podcast broadcast from a parking! Zero preparation, zero scripting, zero editing. Just me, my cheap bastard Bluetooth headphone/mic and the Spreaker app on my iPhone. Enjoy.
  • BlabStorms
    Really sad this service had to die because the platform shutdown. The live idea jam sessions were really popular and I need to find a new provider ASAP.
    I’m really enjoying the latest and greatest social video platform, Blab.im. To me it’s like a revamped version of a television talkshow or a radio call-in show. I’ve taken to the platform with the idea of doing “BlabStorms” — live, online virtual brainstorm sessions. I’ve done a few random free open office hours episodes as well as a couple paid single-client focused events. I like it. If you’re interested, you can view a few on my Blab profile or you can contact me via my Brainstorming page to schedule one of your own.




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